About Me

Fancy something a little sweet, a little different? Fancy an edible cake topper? Delight your family and friends, children and grandchildren with something they’ve never had before?

Let me introduce myself. I’m Sharon. That’s me with Geoffrey, my favourite delight. He started all of this, so if you don’t like what I do you can blame him, not me!  

I’m currently living in sunny South Wales. Did I say sunny? Well, that’s what we tell holidaymakers anyway. I love it here. I moved from England seven years ago with my husband, Graham, and our girls Rebecca and Laura.

It was then I started making sugar characters as a hobby. It happened one day when I was mucking around with some sugar paste in my kitchen. You know, like a child playing with its first bit of playdough. I got into a mess. But with each attempt, I was creating less and less mess and more and more of a character. My creativity was developing bit by bit….then… Ta-da! Geoffrey and my appetite for sugar crafting was born.

When I’m not working, I spend time with my family, going for long walks in my wellies and playing games on the Wii — especially dancing ones!

But that’s enough of me, I want to hear about you.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments, questions, or even if you have a problem with your own sugar adventures, simply pop me an email and we can have a chat.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in Sugar Delights. Come back now and again. You might discover a new creation, a sale or even a free cake topper.

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